GLOBAL INDEPENDET MEDIA (GIM) was founded by a group on unlike minded individuals that understand and support the fact that although we all seldom, if ever agree, all stories must have the opportunity to be told, even those that may appear boring and uninteresting.

Since the beginning of time immemorial, history and its stories have been told by the victors…never the vanquished. The exception to this rule is living longer than the victorious, then you can rewrite history.

And although generally in the past considered to be the “dissenting” or “loser’s opinion,” having these stories first hand at or near the time of the conflict can readily shed light upon the outcomes which shape both our present and future.

All too often we are forced to second guess what people of the past thought or desired for no other reason than we don’t have their stories.

MEDIA is defined as “The plural form of medium: any and all means by which one communicates.”  Should one desire to communicate in more than one manner it is MEDIA.

Since the beginning of time man has had MEDIA through singing and dancing to convey the message of a great hunt, the gathering of seeds and berries or to recount the exploits of those that went before them.

Later, with the written word, we created stories to explain the unexplainable, to warn others of the terrors in the dark and to express our sorrow, joy, grief, happiness, love, hate or indifference to the world around us.

GLOBAL INDEPENEDENT MEDIA (GlobalindieMedia.org) is an IRS approved 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose goal is to use virtually any form of media, be it traditional or new, to assist people of all walks of life, wherever they may be, get their story told.

Global Independent Media (GIM) believes that every story has the right, and should have the opportunity to be told, regardless of the political correctness or social acceptability.

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